Saturday, January 31, 2009

Berkley Lace Up Boots

wow. I <3 these boots. For $38.80 from Forever 21 it is REALLY REALLY hard to pass these beauties up.

Oy vey!


Eri said...

Hello there,
I came across your blog and very much enjoyed.
Please come and visit mine too!
It's a fashion blog with outfits and blurbs inspired by Portobello Road, London.
I hope you enjoy it!

Jinnell's Thoughts said...

I was looking into buying these, are they worth it??? and are they true to size?

K said...

my experience with F21 is that their shoes are usually true to size!!

I haven't personally bought or tried on these boots so I can't give you a definite response.

good luck and thanks for commeting!!!