Monday, February 19, 2007

Off Post: C-Mart, oh the insanity

It was the most insane thing i'd ever endured in my years of shopping.

C-Mart opened in Lansdowne MD this weekend and M and I went up on opening day. Parking was nuts. Traffic was tolerable. Inside the former Sam's club? ABSOLUTE CRAZINESS. There were so many people many...soooooooooooooooo maaaaaaaaaaaaany! Not that I can blame them of course, C-Mart offers massive discounts for designer goods.

The coolest finds? Their bag department. Chloe bags for 50% off!!!!! Gosh I saw me some paddingtons....not to mention they had decent prada stock too. Naturally of course that was still uhm, pretty much not in my budget.

They also had Seven and Citizens of Humanity jeans for $50. of course by the time I got there (11 am) they were absolutely out of my size. Mind you C-Mart opened at 10 am!!!!!

So, in the end I purchased a pair of plaid pants from Theory (for work) and a pair of really awesome jeans for $21 (what a steal!). M made out with 2 hoodies from American Apparel and 2 pairs of great work shoes from zengara.

The worst part? We waited in line for 4 hours to pay for these. I kid you not. FOUR HOURS.
We were there from 11 am to 6 PM...

There were hundreds of people there and only SIX cash registers. And they did not have a scan system, everything was inputed manually. Hence if you brought up an item with NO tags, you would go through an long price check process. I am also assuming that some of their cashiers were not that experienced and were having trouble putting in the right amount, etc etc.

I do not think I will ever want to repeat that experience again. Well, only if Chloe bags were less than $200, then that would be worth the sacrifice. Here's hoping that C-Mart was only like that because it was opening weekend.

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BabsieD said...

Is the Joppatown store still in existence? It's been empty every time I've ever been there (even on the first day of their Intermix trove, I was the only one in the whole department).

Sounds like that would still be worth the hour and ten drive!