Monday, February 12, 2007

Off Post: On commercial vs. dermatologist backed moisturizers

a few weeks ago i emailed the good folks over at The Beauty Brain for questions on the difference between commercial moisturizers and those lines created by dermatologists. The answer actually surprised me! But nonetheless here's what they said:

Thanks so much for your questions.

1. In our opinion a product like Citrix is a grand waste of money. Charging $45 for 2 ounces of product is shameful! Even their body lotion at $30 for 6.7 ounces is overpriced. The truth is that these products will not work any better than something from a big brand like Olay or Ponds. The makers of Olay (P&G) have thousands of scientists creating the best formulas for skin care that anyone can buy. Smaller companies like the ones who make Citrix (and Philosophy for that matter) rely on small manufacturers to create their products. But the small manufacturers don't have the same research budget and thus generally produce inferior, outdated formulas. It's a bit like how store brands like President's Choice or Walmart brand work. They hire a manufacturer to make it and then put their own label on it. The product is just a notch over a generic one. Citrix is no different except they charge ridiculous prices, make a convincing "dermatology" story, and convince people that their product is something special. Don't get me wrong, the products will work fine. But if you tried Citrix versus Philosophy or Olay with your eyes closed, you really wouldn't be able to tell much difference (or you'll think the Citrix isn't as good). Dermatologists are not chemists and generally don't know much about creating skin lotions.

conclusions? according to the beauty brains stick to your cheaper more mass produced brands ladies.

maybe its just the power of suggestion but i swear using Philosophy's Hope in a Jar vs. Pond's Dry Skin Cream has produced better results. yet hope in a jar costs $35 a jar and Pond's costs less than 5 bucks...

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