Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Off Post: bags, bags, and more bags

like many of you, i am obsessed with bags. i like to consider myself a classic kinda gal and im still searching for the perfect sized bag that will house just too many things that i like to have on me on a daily basis, as well as the extras on special days.

what i really really want is the classic Kate Spade small nylon messenger bag. this bag is a part of Kate's classic collection that debuted in 1996. it's so simple and classic that 11 years later i still want one of them. the small nylon is perfect for me since it's more than chic looking that just a simple messenger bag that many a DC INTERNS carry (the backpack or messenger bag allows you to spot them a mile away). it's also very simple looking that it will match virtually anything, and i can use it both during the work week and on the weekends. its big enough to be a home for all the crap i haul around, but not so huge that i could fit an entire semester's worth of text books into it.

another choice is really going for the DC intern look. hahahaha! the pros? i know it's not going to break on me anytime soon. in fact when i eventually go back to grad school it would make a great bag. TIMBUK2 in either the classic messenger bag size SMALL or the METRO MINI MESSENGER would work pretty well. Getting the classic messenger in small though allows for more room which means more stuff (lol) but when you are a pack rat as myself and i like to always be prepared for any situation.

TIMBUK2 classic messenger in SMALL

$75 (on timbuk2 website)

TIMBUK2 classic messenger in SMALL

(picture above with stuff in it)

TIMBUK2 METRO mini-meesnger
$55.00 (on timbuk2 website)

the METRO mini-messenger with stuff in it. mmmm...is it big enough to house all my stuff??

Small - Classic Messenger

Medium - Metro Mini-Messenger

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