Thursday, March 1, 2007

Off Post: District Sample Sale

DC's 2nd district sample sale happened last night in Georgetown and I finally made it out there! With a gorgeous special someone in tow, we made our way through the throves of women that descended upon the tiny space.

Him: Cheap couture and women are a dangerous combination
*I laugh*
Him: This is so like C-Mart....

Thank you for being such a sweetheart and coming with me both to C-Mart and to last night's sample sale!

At least there were cocktails last night :) albeit really watered down martinis...

I made out with a great pair of james jeans for $75 retail at 150 something? As well as a really super awesome green cropped jacket that can be unzipped into a corset. Apparently it was too small for anyone else to fit into (yes it was meant for me!) Cost, $50. I was sorely tempted to buy a pair of green round toe wedges but decided against it. He was also being so sweet and bought me a grey scoop neck and brown crew neck cotton tees from three dot.

All in all, I was expecting more...maybe its cuz i got there an hour late that most of my size were gone. I was really hoping to score a great spring dress, but was sorely disappointed.

Is it me, or were so many of the women there all dressed the same? A lot of leggings, boots, and either printed or mod inspired dresses. Not that theres anything wrong with that of course but alot of women looked like clones of each other. but thats merely my own opinion. I've got to say tho I was drooling at all the glorious bags I saw...

today's outfit:
charcoal grey tweed patterned skirt - h&m
black cashmere crew neck sweater - theory
black leggings
grey princess wool coat - h&m
cream colored ballerina flats

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