Thursday, March 29, 2007

Style Hero: Natalie Portman Pt. 1

I LOVE NATALIE PORTMAN'S STYLE. i love it. i want my closet to be like her closet. i would wear anything she wears on any given day.

i love how she isn't crazy about designer stuff the way so many hollywood girls of the same age are. in fact ive seen her have the same casual bag in many pictures! she also isn't overly trendy but wears pieces that flatter her and are timeless.

casually, she wears a lot of jeans, thin sweaters, boots, heels, ballet flats, sneakers (she wears her converse alot!), and she also has the coolest wool coats (gosh i love her coats!)

natalie is petite just like me and for more formal occasions she often goes with shorter silhouettes usually with a hemline that is above the knee. she also chooses to wear incredibly feminine heels (that i love love!)

i've picked out some of my favorite candids of nat showing her casual chic style that she puts together so effortlessly.

i love how casually she wears the jeans and the black top, not to mention a messenger bag!!! (i perfer messengers as well, or purses with body straps!!!!)

i think she totally pulls off the straight leg jean with the heels! the perriwinkle scarf around her neck also makes such a wonderful contrast to her black jacket.

the following pictures feature Nat in boots!

Nat at a knicks game in jeans, a blue longsleeved collared shirt, thin grey sweater and black rubber riding boots.

Nat is seen here just getting out of yoga class. Once again in jeans tucked in brown rain boots and a black wool coat. I love her coat!!!

Nat is seen here in Prague, wearing jeans tucked into grey/green rubber wellies. I particularly like thise boots too because of the structure, it doesnt make your calf look huge. And of course Ms. Portman pulls it off every time!

NEXT: natalie's formal looks


dccaf said...

she looks good in everything. i really need a pair of wellingtons. it rains a lot here in the summer! thanks for the comment on my new flats...i'm in love with them!

fashion international said...

she is a character, very charming. definitely one of the celebrities i enjoy watching.