Monday, March 12, 2007


After much pondering, and many many days of looking at the website I finally caved in last night and decided that yes, I can afford another new pair of flats (to add to the collection of course!). When I saw that the only sizes left were 6 and 6.5 I took it as a sign that yes, I am supposed to purchase this shoes! And these are the adorable white and black flats from that are just darling! they scream classic, school girl, but grown up. in 9-10 days i will have these babies! yes!

We also went back to C-Mart on saturday afternoon to see if there was anything new to get. I almost bought a lovely caparros sandal, champagne color with a little bit of oomph. but there was only one shoe! the other shoe was a completely different one!!!! and as much as c-mart is awesome, most areas looked like a tornado went through it and threw up all over the place. needless to say i didn't get anything. there was a nice messenger from Longchamp that was decently priced at $240 but I've decided to get the Kate Spade messenger instead.

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