Friday, April 27, 2007

Georgio Armani Bow d'Orsay Flat

so sorry i've been out for awhile. i just started a new job and i've been training these past couple of weeks! if there's one thing that i've learned at this new job is that comfortable shoes are such a must!!! whether it be flats or heels, if your on your feet all day you need comfort. but hey, comfort doesn't mean ugly shoes! there are tons of great shoes that are stylishly fabulous.

i'm current in love with these Georgio Armani flats available at but at $630 it's a bit too much for my pockets. :) it is artfully made in italy with black patent leather, white leather piping and stiching, buckled ankle strap and a flat heel (best of all!)

for a more REALISTICLY priced shoe check out American Eagle Scoop Ballet flat in patent green available from what i love best about this is the wonderful green color that's just screaming spring. and at $16.99 my wallet's loving it too!!!

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