Monday, April 2, 2007

Off Post: 2007 Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner

The correspondent's dinner was last wednesday 3/28 and I have to say that I got what I expected from a majority of the attendants (your washington folks). I personally opted not to wear my cute new eggplant tafetta strapless mini-dress because i honestly felt that the dress was too fun for an event like this!

My expectations? Stuff washington types. And true enough I saw a lot of really unflattering dresses on a variety of women. There were a lot of ladies dressed as if they were going to prom too, my surprise was that some of these were older women!!!! I saw a lot of scandalous (in my opinion) silhouettes there as well which makes me question, what's appropriate for a black tie event such as this?

I saw some very exposed cleavages and un-tasteful backless dresses in the bathroom which really made me go, mmmmmmmmm in question.

the only highlight of the night was seeing this gorgeous spaghetti strapped, roushed, just above the knee acquamarine dress on a tall skinny elder blonde. she was gorgeous!

i'd like to attend an event one day that actually inspires me to dress up.

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