Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Off Post: Shopping List

last night headed over to Zara at georgetown really quick to try on some basic pairs of black pants. Their super basic one at a size 34 fit fine, but was probably too form fitting for the work place. another pair was great, loose enough to be roomy but fit the bum area really well, unfortunately they didnt have any in black (will be back soon, oh yes...)

at any given point in time im always wanting things, here's my current list

black work pants - i realized that i only have 1 pair of black pants that fit well and that I can wear to work! hence i need another pair

rain boots - i've been debating what sort of rain boot to buy!!! while the dream pair would be the nova checks from burberry, ive got to be more practical and will probably purchase them from target. they have a whole bunch of really cute patterns and for $19.99 it's such a deal! i can't decide whether to buy just a plain black matte (that will probably will be more timeless) or a fun colorful pattern, or even the houndstooth pattern in b/w!!!! oh decisions decisions...

incidently it was storming again last night and apparently is supposed to flurry from fri-sat (oh joy...)

short sleeved and sleeveless sweaters - for layering pieces. i love these v-necked sleeveless ones from Esprit for about $35, and i want them in all colors!!! ideally i want crew neck sleeveless as well as crew neck short sleeved (think ala sara jessica parker in that one episode of sex and the city where she is wearing a perriwinkle beret and she has come to the russian's apartment!)

sturdy messenger bag - as indicated in a previous post...leaning terribly towards timbuk2.

hope in a jar - im running out, must replenish!

tarte cheek stains - ack they are wonderful...

black boots - i realized i dont have a pair of tall, heeled black boots! i've got a pair dark brown, whiskey, and rose colored ones but no black...

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dccaf said...

Good luck finding all your must-haves. Don't you love the selection at Zara this spring? I'm shopping around for rain boots, too...leaning toward the traditional Wellingtons.