Saturday, August 4, 2007

off post: reprieve!

wow i've been gone for awhile. life continues to be crazily hectic with work and i've been taking my breaks here and there. L and I spent a few days in new york last weekend and i've got to say it was a pretty satisfying shopping endeavour! though i wish i could have purchased more things (like zara was having a crazy sale!!) I just didn't have enough time.

my happy purchases:

century 21

Alice & Trixy Dress - in pale green with a copper umpire band (for only $99!!!)
Rox...i forget the brand - black buttoned dress w/ silver belt

uniqlo --- was having sale but i have to say that i was a little disappointed with the merchandise. i thought i would find more things that i liked, but not as much as i would have wanted...but perhaps its cuz not all of their fall stuff have been put out yet, but definately will come back to it

khaki slacks - for $30!! (GREAT FIT TOO!)

Steve and Barry -- ive been wanting to see their stuff, and found some cute things all of which weren't in my size. except for SJP's stuff, most of their regular merchandise wasn't really doing it for me

brown 3/4" sleeved t-shirt dress -- this fits great and is from SJP's bitten line.

so i ended up buying nearly all dresses on this trip. i've been looking for layering pieces that can be worn both now in the heat and will work well for once fall and winter comes. i'm still obsessed with greys. i'm looking for sleeveless and short sleeved thing sweaters, thinner button up cardigans.

i actually miss wearing my black tights! does that mean im actually ready for fall to come? :)

somtimes i am tempted to wear leggings as it's such a trend right now, but i really just can't because i used to wear them as a kid! this is just one 80s trend that may look great on people that i just can't get into.

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jdbsusanna said...

i'm totally ready for fall too! enough of this hot, muggy weather!