Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's Great to be a girl and wear dresses!

Over the past year (starting last summer) I like many many women have increasingly found ourselves purchasing more dresses. I was never a dress girl growing up. I wore jeans a whole lot, i still own many pairs to this day, but I for one can't be happier seeing tons of women out there in dresses and skirts. I just love it. I've finally gained a real appreciation for the dress.

there are so many styles, from the incredibly loose fitting trapeze dresses, to the incredibly structured and fitted ones. I love shift dresses, shirt dresses, babydoll dresses, empire waisted dresses...I love wearing them to work, wearing them for coffee, dinner, get the point. :)

today I came across an incredibly inspiring blog! ( ) This young woman from Oslo, Norway has an incredibly wonderful eye for dresses and tights (that i both love!) and its so interesting to see the kind of outfits she puts together. she gets a lot of her pieces from H&M and Zara (two personal favorites) and i think it's terrific that she can look incredibly chic without spending thousands of dollars.

speaking of H&M, i tried on a black dress in a thicker jersey knit last weekend and fell in love with the neckline. i didn't buy it because the arms and the actual shape of the dress looked too big on me. im hoping to find another dress with the same neckline that fits better.

bring on more fall clothes!

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