Saturday, November 3, 2007

Gem Toned Flats

im a little late in jumping the bandwagon but i've finally devoloped an appreciation for those gorgeous jewel tones. it all started when i received a care package from my mom (aka sending me clothes and shoes from overseas!) and one of the shirts was a cap sleeved trapeze jersey knit with a great aquamarine color. it took awhile to warm up too but i adore the color now. i'm also truly loving the purples as well!!!! these two colors are so wonderful for fall as a means to give an outfit some pop while we aren't YET in the holiday colors (though that is FASTLY approaching!!)

here are some of my favorite flats in these colors

Scrunch flat in PLUM available at for $25 (man made cracked patent flat)

Sequined Ballet Flats in plum available at for $19.50

'Addison' Satin Ballet Flat in artisan blue available at for $68

Maloles - George Metallic Ballet Flat available at for $275

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