Tuesday, January 8, 2008

nearly a year already

that i've had this blog! how fast time flies.

i read a post on one of my favorite blogs (the budget fashionista) on a reader asking tbf how to earn money from being a blogger. tbf's advice was to be original. makes total sense, these days the internet is flooded with people who always have something to say.

it made me think of what is it that I wanted to bring with my blog. I began the blog with the purpose of posting up flats that I would want to buy myself. Either as a reminder too buy them, or just to wistfully drool over them. It's evolved though to things I am going to buy, things I want to buy, and things that I find interesting/pretty/attractive/funny etc etc.

when you are blogging with an audience in mind, you definitely have to be more crafty in your approach. i am happy at the moment just blogging with me in mind. =)

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