Wednesday, March 19, 2008

have i already mentioned...

how obsessed i am about etsy? :)

i love hunting for handcrafted pieces that are one of a kind! its personally incredibly thrilling. speaking of which i just bought a dress today (it's so pretty!) and i'll have to post a picture once I receive it in the mail.

it may sound silly but online browsing (and at times online shopping hehe) has been a huge refuge amidst the busy-ness of my life. in between work, studying for gre's, freelance writing, and other projects my brain is more often than not ready to open a can of whoop-ass on me. there's something very calming and just relaxing about looking at pretty things...though my pocket book would not agree!

upon my etsy browsing though it's really helped me think of my own style and what i tend to go for in my choice of clothing. my ideal wardrobe would consist of having lots of solids in my favorite colors: black, gray, white, navy, brown, green, purple/plum...*you get the idea* but with really terrific necklines, interesting structure, and great fabrics! over the past few months thanks to ASJINE (which sadly closed shop sniff...) i've started to pay attention to the structure and fabrics of my clothes! it was a great revelation that i actually have a real sense of what kind of clothes i wanna wear. that ive aptly thought of as minimalist, feminine, versitile, and modern.
my idea of crossing clean japanese zen-ness with soft romantic feminine lines and draping.

here's today's finds:

if i had more $$$ these babies would all be ready to be shipped to my address. one day soon...


Food, she thought. said...

would it be possible for you to share the etsy stores in which you found these divine creations? especially #1.

A Fan

Ballerina K said...

surely!! here's the link for the first dress:


3rd -