Saturday, April 12, 2008

random musings

if you are for a brief moment, thirsting to read something not fashion/beauty related please check out this NYTimes article:

it was such an enjoyable read on a long afternoon when my mind was constantly wandering to other far off places (namely my bed....or perhaps the beach).

the article is titled: Can the Cellphone Help End Global Poverty?

who knew that companies like nokia are hiring people like Jan Chipchase as a human behavior researcher or a "user anthropologist". makes sense though, and the article goes indepth as too how the cel phone is changing the lives of some many poverty stricken areas in the world. much like microlending has done, the use of a cel phone provides communication lines for people to conduct business and thus become more effective and productive. the idea of a truly connected global society is inspiring.

more reason for me to get that iphone? hahaha perhaps.

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pretty interesting read!!!