Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shellys London Spectator Mary Jane

Shellys London Spectator Mary Jane (Online Only)

$29.99 (Was $48.00)

UO description:

Patent Shellys London skimmer with contrast maryjane detailing at the toe topped with a brass buckle. Finished with a contrast inset at the heel. Fully lined; padded insole. Imported. Spot clean.*Fits true to size *PVC, rubber * Web exclusive

I'm am really drawn to the details at the toe of this shoe. It also comes in a black (cap toe part) but I feel that the wine color makes it a little more special than your average shoe. Its the kind of shoe I would happily wear to work and know that its not too casual. The pvc material makes me confident that it can withstand weird DC rains and live to walk another day. Plus, this one in particular is not black (were I to buy it!) and that would be a nice way to add color in my outfit. And lastly because its on SALE (all the magic words I need!).
It reminds me of the men's wingtip shoes such as below:

(stacey adams DAYTON)

writer John Kelly writes about the wingtip:

I sing of shoes and the man, of boot and loafer and lace-up, of sneaker and flip-flop.
But of all of these shoes, I sing of one shoe in particular: stout of sole and firm of heel, the upper shot with tiny holes and edged in serrated leather, anointed on its toe with a curious medallion and marked over the instep by a sign, a sign as recognizable as the Z of Zorro or the ankh of the sun god Ra.1 See it? The symbol? From where you're standing it looks like a lazy W, but from where I'm standing -- looking down at the well-polished shoes on my feet -- it resembles a bird in flight about to flap its powerful wings and soar higher still.

I sing of the wingtip.

to read the rest of the Post article click on below!

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