Thursday, May 29, 2008

leggings and skirts

it's nearly summertime and yet the weather is still confused here in dc. it's still chilly in the mornings and my commute to work has at moments given me the shivers. but I'm determined NOT to wear tights anymore and wear all those skirts and dresses au naturale.

i've mentioned in the past how i've been anti-leggings. my strong opinions have been that it belongs in the 80's and it should stay there. but i've come around. lol. i've been wearing 2 capri ones that my mom bought me this past christmas, and after seeing how warm they were even compared to my thicker tights, i've slowly relented and now appreciate it for its comfort and warmth! and yes, i'm even starting to think its attractive.

ideally I would like for this kind of look (see above). I've been wearing my capri leggings, but I did buy my first long pair a few weekends ago. I haven't worn them out yet, because I'm trying to find that perfect dress in my closet (or else where!) to go with it. i have a non-sensical worry that my behind is somehow going to look bigger in leggings. lol. there i said it. or that my thighs are going to look like chicken drumsticks. because, yes this look is NOT for everyone.

but hey, its just motivation to get on that stairmaster even more, an extra plus that it's almost swimsuit season. =P

i'm also obsessing on skirts right now. skirts with pleats and detail.

all these are from forever 21, and I like the last skirt the most. if you can't tell already i'm a pretty basic, solid color kinda gal. my mother claims that I have no color in my wardrobe, being that i frequently wear blacks, whites, grays, navys. hahaha, what can I say i love those colors! they never go out of style and can be worn up or down.

but i am really attracted to yellow right now. BRIGHT yellow. :)


Melisa said...

According to Tim Gunn if you wear leggings, capri or otherwise youe top should always cover your rear...otherwise the look is vulgar. Yes, I'm paraphrasing but you get the point.

I was so anti-leggings and then got sucked it and paired them with sweaters and boots all winter!!

Milly75 said...

i so like the last skirt too...need to get it ;)