Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ruffle-toe ballet flats

Ruffle-toe ballet flats (seen above in purple print)

also comes in red print, chambray, earth brown, harborside blue, metallic silver, and true black knit.

I stopped by the mall on my way home a few days ago and stopped by the GAP and these babies caught my eyes. I really love the purple and red prints! It's incredibly feminine and perfect for the summer months ahead! Not to mention the pleat detail at the toe. But the BEST part, these flats are padded! Meaning as I tried them on, there was an extra oomph of CUSHION that made wearing them incredibly COMFY.

the other pair of gap black satin flats that im wearing to work today in comparison is paper thin and has no padded soles whatsover!!!!!

so im debating whether to get a pair in size 6 or 7...they both fit...sorta...thats the only trouble with mass produced flats, at times I'm at a loss for which one will actually be comfortable when walking in them all day long (till im actually wearing it that is).

available at the GAP for $39.50

on a side note, my apologies for the lack of posts. life has just been so busy in between work and other commitments. but i'll always be back! and randomly, I hope it doesn't rain tonight because I need a drink after a long week of work, and i'd like to sit outside. :) will pray to the rain gods in between coffee runs.

oh yea, im ready for the democrats to just call a nominee already. i say all out DEATHMATCH between O'Bama and Hill-dog. i as a small media peon am ready for this.

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