Saturday, July 5, 2008


it's been awhile since ive been back here! in between that i've jetted to the west coast twice, been busy entertaining family, eagerly waiting the return of my custom dress from a fabulous etsy seller, been city hopping with the significant other, and other miscellaneous shopping in between!

Reccent buys:

-cream snakeskin flats from Aldo - at $30 it was such a steal!

-black patent strappy sandals from aldo - at $50 it was kind of a steal. hehe

-black patent clutch from aldo - this was just fun to buy :)

-silver formal clutch

on a personal note, having familia here has made me realize at how you can't please everyone. life has been busy as of late and it's been challenging being able to do everything that I need to do without sacrificing something. that sacrifice has lately been sleep.

i think that some R&R is in hanging in there for another 2 weeks >.<

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