Sunday, December 14, 2008

my continued online stalking of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

So over the past few weeks since I first picked up Twilight and saw the movie, this crazy weird obsession I have following these two actors have finally made sense to me.

Of all of Hollywood out there and typically on the celeb blog circuit like Perez, Just Jared, d-listed, and X-17 you always see the same super trendy, too tanned, wearing the same thing over and over and over again look thats boring. Don't get me wrong, sure they'll still look great in what they're wearing, but come on! All the Disney girls look the same! (ashley, vanessa, demi, selena, miley).

But Rob and Kristen, they are like a breathe of wonderful fresh air!!!!!! I love love love love Kristen's look. She's just in jeans and a shirt, but damn how does she look so edgy? (this is my opinion of course)

If you compare her style of clothing to Natalie Portman's, they both wear jeans, they're both skinny brunettes, and yet Kristen just looks cool in a different sort of way. With her crazy messy hair and yet looks perfect the way it is, her lack of make up flying into LAX, her converse all-stars, and dark eyeliner!

so here are a couple of pictures of my current actor-muse Kristen and Rob. They are cool, can't deny it.

***pictures are from (for feeding my online celeb-stalk-a-thon!)

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