Sunday, March 1, 2009

discount shopping

Last week I blogged about the Ali Ro jacquard drop waist dress and it was back on gilt groupe for another sale for $78 (but it is sold out already!). On a beautiful shopping moment, I found the exact same dress at TJ Max last week for $40!!!!!!! talk about awesome!

Yesterday while shopping with my mum for gifts at Potomac Mills I found this James Perse Raglan Long Sleeve Dress in Winter White & Pearl Grey at Marshalls:

It is available at for $195 and I got it for $20. YES, you read that right, twenty buckeroos.

It's incredibly comfortable and I can't wait to wear it while it's still cold!!!


Susanna said...


Alyssa D said...

way to go!

i just spent some time checking out bad, if you go to the sale items. i have a tj maxx relatively near-by. i am SO going there soon :)

couldn't track down your email address, but i am with, a designer clothing paradise. given the interst of you blog, i was wondering if you are interested in giving one of your loyal readers a free item from out collection?

check out what we have at and get back to me at

looking forward to hearing from you!