Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Interview with Twilight Bag designer

My love for all things etsy and Twilight are combined! Stumbling onto the store of Angie from Stitch and Swash, I went head over heels for the beautifully crafted leather goods that she's created! As it so happens, this talented designer also has one of her bags featured in Twilight!

Stitch and Swash is based in Seattle and I'm really happy that the movie's wardrobe department supported local Washington designers (for those who aren't aware, the novel Twilight tells the story of vampires who reside in Forks, Washington and the movie was filmed in various parts of Washington and Oregon!)

Read the interview below to see how her bag landed into Bella's wardrobe!

Q. What's the story of how your bag made it to the movie blockbuster movieTwilight?

awhile back I was contacted by a props manager about making a duplicatefor a bag of mine she had purchased at a local boutique in Seattle. I sawthat she was working on the movie 'Twilight', but had no idea what it was. it wasn't until my sister told me about the books, and I started seeingtrailers for the movie that I realized how excited people were for thisfilm to come out. I still didn't think my bag was going to have much bigscreen time, so I didn't sit down and watch the movie until the weekend itcame out on dvd.

Q. What did it feel like when you saw your design on the big screen withmillions of people all over the world seeing it as well?

I actually never got to see my bag on the big screen! just the smallscreen at my house, but that was completely satisfying to me. when Iwatch movies, I am always subconsciously looking at everyone's bag. Iloved seeing something I made on film, I thought my mom would be proud.

Q. What is the inspiration behind designing the Bella bag?

the bag Bella uses was a large tote I designed a year or so ago. I wasgetting a lot of request for a large bag, so this was a bigger version ofmy original tote, with an aqua peacock feather.

Q. What kind of impact on your business and life has having your creationfeatured in Twilight?

having my bag in Twilight has impacted me greatly. for one, I haven't hada day off (or even more than a few hours) since I started offering the bagon my etsy site! it's been keeping me super busy, and has kind of takenover my life. last night I dreamt about hammering rivets. what I'm mostexcited about is a new crop of people seeing my work, and being introducedto etsy.

Q. How did you first start designing bags and leather goods and what inspired you to use recycled leather as a material? Any advice to give to would be designers out there?

even though I have been sewing since I was very young, I just startedmaking leather bags in the last couple years. I started with really simpledesigns, just trying to learn how to work with leather, buying a lot ofproducts and materials to test out. learning a new craft is half the advice would be to not get discouraged when you're trying somethingnew. ask a lot of questions, experiment, brainstorm. some of my firstbags I made were horrible - really bad. but I asked questions at theleather store, checked out a bunch of books, bought tools I didn't knowwhat to do with, googled a ton - and things started to come together.

Q. Where can people purchase your goods?

you can purchase my goodies at

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