Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Like bandage dresses? Try this flat!

This is the TIPPY FLAT from LAMB and it caught my eye in my daily sailmail email from shop it to me.

This is probably the coolest flat I've seen in awhile. Not girly or overly feminine, but a flat that says yes, I'm cool. The criscrossed straps completely remind me of the ever so popular bandage dresses from Herve Leger. If the color and/or material of the rest of the shoe were changed to lets say a more girly color like pink, peach, or even nude the look of the flat would completely change to that of a incredibly feminine looking one. But I love the contrast of those straps against the black and white exterior of the shoe. It screams yes I'm just that cool to me.

Available on for $209.66.

Check out the link HERE. when you see the enlarged picture of the flat, you'll see that there is actually tiny dots that cover the shoe in an L formation.


City Girl said...

Great flat.

Tranquilspace does sell the all in 1 dress :) When I was there on Friday it was displayed on the left when you come through the door (of the Dupont location).

The main reason I made an appointment to shop at the TranquiliT showroom is that the Tranquilspace boutique carries only the current TranquiliT collection, whereas I want to browse some things from the Spring collection. But if all I wanted for the all in 1, I would just get it at the Tranquilspace studio.

robin_titan said...

Those are SO cute!