Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zaha Hadid Sculptural Shoes

In my quest to find beautiful shoes this would be a first in finding some that are really quite unique and I haven't decided if I actually like them or not. Zaha Hadid has partnered with Brazillian footware company Melissa and Lacoste and created a line of shoes. Hadid is an awart winning British Iraqi architect who works can be found all over the world from Hong Kong, Germany, Spain, and Austria to name a few.

(above are Hadid's shoes with Melissa)

(above are shoes from Hadid's collaboration with Lacoste)

Below is a time lapse video showing the making of the giant 4 meter (13 feet) tall mock-up of the boot designed by the architect Zaha Hadid for Melissa.


Susanna said...

I like the ones for Melissa, not sure about the Lacostes. I see neither the material nor the design appealing to the average, preppy Lacoste customer. (Oh wait, that's me.)

I'd rather see Hadid designing jewlery!

K said...

She actually designed some jewelry with Swarovski that came out last august!