Thursday, September 3, 2009

Boden Jewelled Pumps

A few days ago I read on a blog about how October to December is deemed the holiday dressing season where we office workers exchange our more ordinary black skirt/suit/dress attire and don lush fabrics of satin, velvet, silk with embellishments and extra sparkles. There is something about the holidays (or its really the holiday parties isn't it?) that make us want to wear something extra special. If we could do this all year round I think we'd all look the better for it!

Today I chanced upon these three flats all from BODEN that would make PERFECT holiday feet worthy wear. The jeweled accents are so darned pretty its hard to decide which one I would buy. I'm leaning towards the first pair! Reviewers have also said that these flats are incredibly comfortable (a plus!).

Actually I think I'm in lust with ALL of Boden's flats right now.

Just because I really wanted to play with polyvore, here's my what I wearing (more or less) today!

9/3/09 outfit


Alex said...

Boden makes the cutest shoes... I'm always lusting after them. Those flats are great!

K said...

its hard to decide which one to get! :) thanks for commenting!