Friday, November 20, 2009


CONTEST ENDS 11/29/2009!!!!!!!!!

Hear ye, hear ye you lucky lucky readers!

Ballerina Flats is teaming up with online retailer to give to one lucky person a $100 instant gift card!!!!!  All you have to do is to leave a comment on their "This is the Marc Jacobs handbag I must have for the Holidays" from and why. The most creative, insightful and inspirational comment wins! Be sure to say how youíd rock your look with the handbag, too! Perhaps by wearing it with your favorite pair of ballerina flats?

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Whatís so special about Marc Jacobs handbags?

Marc Jacobs does it all. Seriously. He designs clothing, shoes, scarves, perfume, why wouldn't he tap into designing handbags as well? When you think of Marc Jacobs, what do you think of? Maybe it's his gutsy personality (like the time that he started his runway show half an hour early!). Maybe it's his ecclectic style. Or maybe, it's his bold selection of colors and patterns.

Jacobs has two different handbag lines: Marc by Marc Jacobs (young and funky) and Marc Jacobs Collection (grown-up and sophisticated). The outfit possibilities that are as varied as the bags. Famous celebs such as Victoria Beckham, Blake Lively and Nikki Hilton flaunt their MJ bags all over town.

But, what really matters is what youíd do with one, because if you win this giveaway, youíll get a $100 instant gift card so you can start shopping right away for your new obsession. Just tell us which Marc Jacobs handbag is your favorite and how youíd style it.

Best comment wins!



ita darling. said...

My holidays this year include a trip overseas- a trip to India for my best friends wedding (and a few stops in Europe on the way home to see family). It will be a special trip- my boyfriend is coming with me, and so is his Amazing and Inspirational 88 year old grandmother who LOVES to travel and wants a final world trip hurrah!

I have been planning and fantasizing about my perfect travel outfits and the one thing I am missing is a versatile, boldly colored cross body style to wear to wedding festivities, and sightseeing all over India and Europe. My stateside regulars (satchels and hobos) don’t seem to be as versatile and secure as a good cross body style.

The Totally Turnlock Natasha Messenger Bag fits every need! Perfect size, amazing blue color and I can strap it over my body for a stylish (and safe) travel purse.

I can see myself wearing it over all black urban ensembles while visiting my baby niece in Paris, and over flowly skirts, tunics, Salwar Kameez and Saris in India. Please Santa- make a girl’s purse dreams come true! My travel dreams depend on it!

carmen said...

Ah...Marc Jacobs. I have been enamored with his creations since high school, but have yet to own one myself. One of the things I love best about him is the whimsy and playfulness he brings to the fashion world: Throw off the stuffy, fussy image of high-fashion when Marc Jacobs comes to town!

For instance, I love his "Flights of Fancy Shopper" bag: Gorgeous, high quality leather that features an idyllic nature scene with an apple tree, owl, and soaring birds overhead. When your day's got you down, all you have to do is look at your purse and how can you help but grin when you see a little raccoon cartoon smiling back at you? Roomy, you could take this bag with you everywhere and hold everything--a weekend of shopping, a casual dinner out, or even add some punch to a boring work outfit with this spunky bag.

My ideal outfit would pair it with some dark-rinse skinny jeans, a soft jewel-toned sweater, simple jewelry and one of my favorite--you guessed it!--pair of ballet slippers. I'd let the purse do the talking for me. What would it say? "Hello, world. Let's be friends!" (Err... or something like that!)

Emily said...

I am in love with all things Marc Jacobs, especially his gorgeous and chic handbags. My dream outfit would include the amazing Totally Turnlock Faridah Bag in Cream! I would pair it with dark skinny jeans, Tory Burch Revas, a sweet and soft cashmere cardigan, and of course an bright oversized scarf to add a pop of color! The sensational bag would add elegance, class, sophistication, and just enough luxury to make a girl (i.e. ME!) swoon. It would be the perfect addition to any woman's closet, and is versatile enough to be worn during all the different seasons.

I've always been one to believe that shoes and bags can turn an average outfit into something so chic and glamourous. The Marc Jacobs Line does just that, and I would love to give some of my outfits just a little more glamour :)

Christine said...
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Christie said...

marc jacobs is amazing. let me get that straight first - he's this designer that creates pieces that never go out of style yet are alwalys on trend.

He creates magic.

I lust over every single one of his pieces and trudge over to Bleecker Street in the Big Apple to where he makes the "special items" priced at a much lower than his usual high fashion price. I must say my all time favorite of anything Marc Jacob is his quilted Stam bag. That piece is a piece of heaven right there!

The totally turnlock aidan bag is pretty close on my scale of amazing bags. This bag has a modern shape, it is large enough to carry all i need around and it's in the most supple gorgeous olive green leather i've ever seen.

I imagine myself wearing it as i walk through the streets of new england (will that ever happen? :] ) wearing tall rich chocolate leather riding boots and dark wash skinny jeans tucked inside. I'd pair this all with a rich cream colored cashmere cable sweater and a wool peacoat in a dark chocolate brown. To top it all off? the marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Aidan Bag of course! This bag is surely a stunner and would be the impact of my whole outfit!