Thursday, April 15, 2010

You're going on a last minute adventure...what to pack? pt. 1

I love to read adventure books that have protagonists traveling all over the world from one terrain to another. But it's always bothered me that they never seem to have the right clothes or the author never really comments on what kind of wardrobe they have. Thoughts like these have always made me wonder that if I were to go on a sudden adventure around the world, what would I pack? If I couldn't buy anything and I had to work with what I had for an undertermined amount of time what would work?

After some thought I came up with these: 

Hiking Shoes - waterproof, can be worn hot and cold climates, good durability

Plastic sandals - waterproof, worn for hotter climates, potentially worn for more dressier occassions if necessary

Black Jersey dress - wears well (its ok if gets wrinkled), light and can be worn dressed up or dressed down, black because it doesn't get as dirty as easily

Black Leggings - can be worn for numerous activities, can keep legs warm, easy to run in

Dark blue skinny jeans - also worn dressed up or down, ok if wrinkled, can be used for more rougher situations, will keep warm in colder environments

black and white t-shirts - well this is just necessary

white button up linen shirt - for hotter environments, also for layering

grey zip up hoodie - layering piece for cold environment

navy rain coat - for harsher weather conditions

pashmina - can be used for both hot and cold weather

sports bikini - you never know when you may need to be in the water

and a big backpack to put all of that in!

I prefer dark colors because they are harder to get dirty and if you are trying to blend in its more subdued than a bright neon yellow item. Also what are things you can wear on a number of different scenarios? From a trek through the forest, to a fancy dinner party, or scuba diving for buried treasure. If I found myself going from desert dunes to snow capped mountain like Indiana Jones...


Anonymous said...

He who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom.......................................................

jewelboxdreams said...

The thing that gets me is when characters have exactly the right gadget for something. It's always something random, like a screwdriver, and yet they just happen to be carrying it in their clutch!

K said...

SO true. Too convenient!