Thursday, February 17, 2011

Emily Blunt in The Adjustment Bureau

I caught a screening this week of 'The Adjustment Bureau' starring Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, and Anthony Mackie and it has to be one of the best movies I've seen since 'Inception'. Granted, I still haven't made myself go see 'Black Swan' because even though everyone has been raving about it, my mind just doesn't feel the desire to watch a psychological thriller. 

Anyways, Emily Blunt continues to have the most amazing clothes in her movies. In 'The Adjustment Bureau' she plays a ballet dancer and so is a great fashion contrast to Matt Damon's politician. While Damon is dressed in suits or khakis if casual, Blunt's character is casually feminine. The blue formal dress she's wearing when we first meet her is AMAZING (see below).


WendyB said...

I was wondering if this was going to be any good! Now you've got me excited to go see it.

jewelboxdreams said...

I can't wait for this to open this weekend. Lucky you to see an advance screening! And you're right, her clothes look fantastic (again)!

sybin said...

Does anyone know whose dress Emily is wearing when she first meets Matt? It's just gorgeous! Many thanks!