Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Why flats?

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that I lived for flats. I even remember my first pair...or pairs I should say. One was a aquamarine blue and the other was fuscia. I was 13 years old and they matched 2 pairs of rather hideous leggings that I owned back in the early 90s.

Fast forward to the present day: flats are God's gift to women! They are extremely comfortable while giving an ultra feminine look. If you are on your feet all day working, the right pair of flats would look dynamite with any outfit without killing your feet (think of wearing 3 inch heels all day, we're not all Beyonce who can dance like a mad woman on heels!)

Here are some wonderful online resources to purchase your flats: - they just came out with their spring flats selection! all gorgeous! i particularly adore the Ann Klein ones. - online shoe store giant also has a very extensive catalogue of flats with varying price ranges so you can find the cutest pair whatever your tastes may be.

for the money conscious here's some places to poke through: - ive gotten many a cheap flat here with varying quality. some have lasted longer than others naturally, but over all not bad if you're just itching to buy a trendy pair. - they've been coming out with cute flats lately. Last holiday they had a satin ballet flat line in silver, black, chocolate brown, and gold. all incredibly cute! - another cheaper alternative with loads of different styles. I would check their online store as well as regular retail stores frequently because they always have different stock. - nine west flats are always comfortable and always well made!!! i've been shopping with them since I was young. - check out your local DSW as well, they have a fairly large collection and constantly have new items on their sale racks.

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ambika said...

Ah, a girl after my own heart. There are some really fantastic flats here--anything with detailing over the toe especially.