Monday, March 19, 2007

where art thou dress?

this weekend was spent hunting for shoes and a dress to wear to the upcoming 2007 News and Radio Correspondents dinner which I will be attending next week. i already have shoes in mind (ivette caparros courtesy but after 2 days worth of looking the elusive dress still remains, elusive.

i have these fabulous chocolate brown satin heels but no dress to match. i may have to dig into the closet and wear something from back there, but here's to we'll see. all the dresses I saw this weekend were all fun spring day dresses! and a tooooooooon of jersey!!! everywhere!!!!

i went to the department stores as well but nada...

earlier I checked and there were a couple of promising looking frocks. i may head over to norstroms again to check if they are at the store so i can try them on. for under $100 they had some pretty cute stuff.

instead though, i did walk out with a great grey sweater from Zara.

a funny things happened on the way too...brings about contemplation.

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