Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Off Post: Weekend Re-Cap

I was working for most of the weekend, but that doesn't mean that there's no time for fun!

Dinner with friends at my friend dupont eatery Bistro Du Coin for some mussels, frites and wine! Bistro du Coin has the best sized mussels and flavors in dc in my humble opinion. Belga Cafe comes at a close second.

Yesterday I went shopping at H&M! Oh there were so many things I wanted, so many! But I walked away with a beautiful dress (for $35 gee what a steal!) and two tops that I can wear both to work and to play. When I find something I like, I tend to want to buy it in multiple colors. I figure, why not? Tops with unique silhouettes are especially hard to come by at such a bargain price! Still on my favorite color of the moment: GREY most of the clothes i tried on were either white, black, or grey (or some combination of it).

I go through color periods, some months ago it was brown. I wanted everything in brown! Before that green! But with my current obsession, grey, its just such a cool very slick color. Reminds me of winter and yet is more versatile than a pastel. easily worn for all seasons, im really digging this color that also reminds me of the popular metallics craze.

i still prefer merchandise from H&M compared to Forever 21. I guess its because H&M is a swedish company, that they have a more European flair to their clothing. Currently the stuff in forever 21 is too trendy and too teen-driven. A working 20something such as a myself interested in buying pieces that works both for work and after work is difficult. I may look like im 16 but I'm not so I'm not about to start dressing like one.

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