Thursday, May 17, 2007

oh old navy!

I am head over heels gaga for these super cute shoes from old navy!!!!! And the best part is? They all cost a whopping $19.50!!! Thats right ladies! I'm intending to make away with at least one of these babies before the end of the weekend!!!!

zebra print - a nice patterned way to wear black and white which is incredibly versitile EVERY season. when is black and white not in? NEVER! plus it's just fun piece to wear.

i was so incredibly obsessed with silver flats this weekend. but i couldn't find one that i like enough to spend at least $40 on. and then VOILA! i find these!!! i love the quilted toe patteren that gives this shoe the extra oomph from just plain silver flats. i've been into the cap-toe for awhile now.

oh graciousness...i adore these flats to death. i am determined to purchase these this weekend. there's just no question. i love the patent raspberry color (i have a perfect shade of lipstick and necklace to go with it!) i can just imagine wearing these with black capris and jeans and it will make the whole look just pop!

these are such femenine looking shoes, i love them! not crazy about the beading ontop of the shoe, but can you imagine wearing a white summer dress with these? gorgeous!

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