Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Off Post: organization

the week is halfway done and L gets back from Europe next monday. My resolve is to get my apartment cleaned, organized, and pretty before he gets back. which means taking all miscellaenous scattered bags out of the way, folding up the sleeping bag that a friend used while visiting, finally folding the pile of laundry on my couch (gross i know, but i get lazy), find a way to put up these wonderful prints from europe on my annoyingly cement walls (which works great for noise prevention but i can't hang anything up without major work UGH)

i love going to apartment therapy to see how people have creatively designed their living spaces. since i rent, i'm always so unmotivated to get a lot of furniture and and to utilize wall space. but your living space is your zen, your sanctuary from the outside world and should be a place that you love coming home too.

i've moved around quite a bit over the past few years and having lots of natural light makes such a huge difference in your space. i live in a studio that is around 485 sqft and I have a bed, a desk, a dining table, a futon/couch, a coffee table being used for a tv stand, a night table, a standing lamp and 2 chairs. I live very minimal yes. I constantly contemplate whether or not to purchase a bookshelf because i have tons and tons and tons of books that are currently being stored in big plastic bins (but that does minimize the clutter)

i've been incredibly obsessed with large leaning wall mirrors for quite some time now.

i really really want the mongstand from ikea (pictured below)

Mongstand - $149

the Piral (pictured below) at $129 isn't bad either.

I love looking at West Elm, Brocade, Crate and Barrel, and Ikea for inspiration at a more affordable level.

for more wonderful design inspiration i go here:

**OH YEA! am i the only one who's so incredibly excited about West Elm opening on G st this July '07???? PLUS PLUS my favorite store ZARA will be opening right next to it too! That little corner currently houses H&M as well, so in the future I will have my 3 favorite places to browse and shop at one stop!!!!! I will be extremely happy when zara opens because that means its easily accessible by metro!

oh and on a completely random note, when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston first announced their divorced i was pretty shocked and sad. but seeing pictures of Brad and Angelina Jolie has changed my opinion because i think they are genuinely happy. I'd never seen pictures of Brad and Jen ridiculously happy and smiling/laughing a lot the way I've seen of Brad and Angie. his body language with Jen is completely different from his body language with Angie. I think they're really in love and happy which is fantastic! i like seeing happy couples. =)

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