Monday, September 24, 2007

Off Post: Philly overnight

L and I went on a quick jaunt to the second biggest city on the eastern seaboard this weekend and it was definately interesting to be in new surroundings. I can't decide whether women in Philly or women in DC dress better. Different yes. I did see though a whole lotta more designer handbags being toted around philadelphia by women of all ages. Lots of louis vuitton and prada. I even spotted a skinny tall woman in her mid to late 30s wearing an unmistakable pair of christian louboutins.

we dined at morimoto on chestnut street where the food was so-so. being an iron chef fan i guess i was expecting too much. hahah. :) but the sushi was fresh and their black cod in honey-miso was extremely tasty.

I scored a little black dress at loehman's and it's made my trip the more satisfying. :)

but all in all, its great to be back in dc.

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