Saturday, September 15, 2007

OFF POST: look! it's Rachel Leigh Cook!

Here's a gal I haven't seen around in a very long time. I'm sure everyone remembers those commercials with a much shorter-haired rachel banging an egg with a frying pan on, "this is your brain on drugs..." back some years ago. How many years ago was that? Damn...was that near the time she did She's all That with Freddie Prinze? (omgod that was in the 90s wasnt it....another reminder of how the years are just flying by!!!)

anyways here's Rachel now! I'm not sure if the blonde hair is working for me. I think her hair cut is fact I'm near channeling that haircut myself! (boring?, YES! haha) But otherwise, she's wearing minimal makeup but thats ok with me, because her skin is looking pretty good. I'm not seeing any wrinkles nor any deep eye bags that can seriously age a person.

I'm adoring her boots and I'm glad that she's looking good and healthy. Her clothes are simple but works for her (and me as this is something I'd normally wear, minus the pink backpack...which looks like a jansport backpack i trekked with in highschool...).

But it's nice to see you around rachel! Hopefully we'll be seeing more of you!!!!!
on another note, i feel like i've been on a steady shopping binge. i have a strong case of buyers remorse and should have gotten it remorse...a loose/loose situation till i get paid again. haha :)
current purchases:
-- black jersey knit dress (which came in the mail yesterday! i think its a tad too big so im going to see if the tailor downstairs can fix it)
-- navy sequined jersey knit w/ bubble skirt (such a fun little piece that i can't wait to wear!)
-- 2 sleeveless blouses in corn yellow and royal purple
-- makeup! though i dont feel so bad about this because its the first time I'm buying from E.L.F whose products only cost $1 each! so im trying a few necessities that need updating anyways and hopefully they will be getting more of my business! more spending...for now.

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