Wednesday, September 12, 2007

off post: to suit or not to suit

for my current station of work, im not required to wear a suit. the attire is business casual and especially during the summer i find myself in more of the "casual" side of business casual.

there are a lot of interns i've seen inappropriately dressed even by my loose standards. what do i find inappropriate? for women --- too TIGHT, too LOW CUT and too SHORT.

i personally am very bad at ironing and have unfortunately worn the wrinkled shirt here and there (to which i attempt to cover up by wearing a jacket).

but the idea of dressing for the job you want not the job you have isn't new to me.

and i only two 2 -- thats right TWO actual suits. one pinstripe one that my mom purchased for me at G2000 that i haven't worn in a looong time (does it even still fit? mmm will have to try it on when i get home) and a tweed skirt suit that i'll be happily wearing during the cooler months (but wait im not sure the blazer still was loose the last time i tried).

i do own a number of basic blazers that i've mainly worn as seperates or in the case of the black blazer/black pant (bought seperately) to job interviews.

on a day to day basis i find that it is just way too formal for where i work (because it's not as if im the one on camera....).

i think i need to add --- GOOD SUIT to my growing list of MUST HAVES in my wardrobe. it's about time. though i do admit that i'd rather wear a gorgeously cut dress or skirt with a great blouse. but it is a staple for a reason. :)

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