Saturday, November 10, 2007

off post: ahh france :)

whenever the sartorialist posts pictures of women in france i cant help but drool at how effortlessly chic they all look. it's all very put together!

luckily i stumbled upon a french blog with so many lovely lovely images! check out Dans Paris for some style inspiration!

here are some of my favorite images from this blog!!!!

i love her haircut! the bangs are gorgeous and i love the leather jacket with the dress! the pop of color with her shoes and bag is definately eye-catching.

these flats so adorable. the dress is incredibly dainty with her flats and tights but the army green parka just adds a really casual feel to the outfit. i like that though. :) plus she looks warm and when it's cold thats all we end up thinking about as we are walking through the street.

wow I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. im not crazy about the shoes, but I ADORE this dress!!!

this particular image screams french girl to me, is it the leggings and the simple black flats? :) I love how her coat adds structure to her outfit.

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