Friday, November 9, 2007

off post: prada or LV?

i've decided that with my not-so extravagant salary that the only fashion related purchases that are a real investment are BAGS. bags will last you much longer. shoes get worn out and clothes stretch and have to get washed (and hey even dry cleaning isnt free!).

so now i've been wondering whether i would rather get a prada bag or louis vuitton. LVs never depreciate in price. prada though has wonderful designs and i've been in love with their nylon messenger bags for many many years.

for my life, a small messenger bag is really what i need with all the stuff that i lug around with me on a daily basis.



jdbsusanna said...

Personally, I prefer the way the LV messanger bag looks. And the leather will last longer than the nylon will.

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WendyB said...

I agree...the nylon is nice and light but I get the feeling leather will last longer.