Friday, December 14, 2007

off post: my current obsession

i am obsessed with finding the PERFECT black cropped wool coat for this winter.

while long coats and car coats are incredibly abundant this season, finding a short, fitted, and structed coat has felt like a needle in a perverbial haystack for me. they exist, most certainly, but in my price range, a little more difficult. =)

this quest started one night while hitting Local 16 with some of my girlfriends. S had on a cute cropped peacoat that later on i find out was purchased at banana republic some time ago. but it made me realize that while i was lugging around a much longer coat, her shorter one was so much easier to just wear out and carry.

so i made the decision: no more long coats for nights out!!!!!!! i may freeze my ass but thats a-ok, ill make my best effort to look fabulous doing so.

besides, EVERYONE is wearing long coats, or trapeze shaped coats, im just tired of it. give me structure baby!

otherwise i've also discovered that i like to shop for LBDs ALOT.

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