Tuesday, December 18, 2007

wow i have that many...

COATS that is.

i was going through my closet to do a purge when i realized that, I have a lot of coats. I have 3 longer black wool coats, one white mid length coat, one gray mid length coat, one short green coat, and 2 black puffy coats.

of course tho, in my search for the perfect cropped black wool coat, i stumbled upon a really cute on this weekend and it was %50 off...so i bought the sucker. =P

sometimes i shake my head at my own follies. :) but its adorable and was to cheap to pass up.

i'll just have to continue purging to make more space for future goodies.

on a random note, it's always amusing to read people's comments on other blogs. some comments can be so hostile!! it makes me laugh that people can get so worked up over something someone wrote on their blog. it's their blog after all and they can write whatever they want, and frankly no who has the power to make anyone read anything?!?

but hey it is freedom of speech both ways so anyone's allowed to comment on anything.

though seriously...why get mad? whats the point when words on a blog cannot affect you unless you let it.

and i can't believe 2007 is almost over. and soon i will be on vacation. i can hardly wait. hardly!
it's one of those work days where im so ready to peace out. but until then...

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