Friday, December 21, 2007

off post: designer nylon bags

today i was thinking about my love/hate relationship with designer nylon bags. nylon as a material is cheap. really cheap. some people honestly dislike it because why pay designer prices for a bag that may or may not stand the test of time (in comparison to leather). some think nylon bags are cheap and tacky looking.

i CAN feel that way sometimes. nylon bags are honestly the easiest bags to counterfit for little cost. but ive known myself to gravitate to them as well. i love how if it gets wet in the rain i dont have to fuss over keeping it dry, because its nylon. :) I love how it is a rougher bag and i can stuff a lot of things into it.

but its not leather. wait do i really want leather? do i want to pay the price of a leather designer bag, or just get the designer label with a more inexpensive alternative?
prada has to be my favorite nylon bag provider. :) they have a good variety and have been eying one for a few months now.

here are some designer labels that carry nylon bags:

- Longchamp
- Kate Spade
- hermes
- tod's
- marc jacobs
- christian dior
- fendi
- gryson
- lanvin

here are some of my current favorites:




DIOR (my faaaaaavorite!)


Kassie said...

That dior bag is gorgeous! Also my favortie by far. Though Kate Spade has some nice ones.

The Look for Less

jdbsusanna said...

The Dior is really nice. I quite like the Tod's ones, especially the one Sienna Miller has her hand on in the ads. But I can't say I'd ever actually buy one myself.