Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hello 2008!


i just got back from the holidays and there were some interesting fashion related observations that dawned on me while seeing my mother. most importantly this is the first time she didn't comment on my hair, because its the first time she's seen it styled and cut!!! normally it's just long and straight and she usually says how dull and boring it looks. :) so yes im quite pleased that this haircut has turned out so well and even as it grows out.

secondly, we were in disagreement on bell-sleeves. im not a fan of them. i tend to think that that on waspy, see-through materialed tops it can look very "mom-like". my mom says its the trend any everyone is wearing them. i think that it really depends on what kind of bell sleeve. while i totally appreciate that my mom buys me stuff some of the things she purchases are more suited for herself than me. :)

getting back to dc on nye was a fun sight to see all the dolled up couples on the metro! every girl was in a party dress and party shoes!!! now if we all dressed like this more often. =P

L and I spent nye indoors and watched the ball drop at times square on tv. it's been the best nye yet!!!!

in 2008, i can't wait to use my new silver strappy sandals, newly purchased dresses, and experient into new haircut territories. onwards!

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