Thursday, January 24, 2008


Hello, my name is K and I am addicted to online shopping.

Yes, while I should be working, or studying, or reading I find myself often times browing many a website trying to find the perfect (insert item here) that I am forever questing for. Generally I'd like to consider that I have pretty good DONT power (as in don't spend) but when pretty things stare me in the face with an even prettier price tag attached to it, it becomes VERY difficult not to add that item to your shopping bag.

i've steadily gotten more addicted to online shopping over the years. at first it was only browsing through ebay. yes as a teenager i was addicted to anime and i would prowl ebay for little knick knacks and collectibles (this was in...1999?). back then i never paid through credit card! oh no I chose to may through money order. =P

my latest purchase? a adorable grey shift dress from else am i prowling for? shoes, bags, dresses, jackets, furniture! you name it i want it.

but still despite the convenience online shopping affords us, there is nothing like physically trying things on to determine its fit on you.


Sherbet Queen said...

i love and loathe shopping on the internet. the thrill of getting a package is too exciting, but ohh the disappoint if it doesn't live up to expectations, looks wrong or just doesn't fit! this is why i think bags and accesories are the best buys. especially clutch bags...

jdbsusanna said...

i've stopped buying things online recently because i've discovered that for me there's no replacement for the instant gratification of having something i purchased actually in my hand! (not to mention the trying-on bit, since nothing ever fits me properly.) but not buying things online doesn't seem to have reduced the time i spend online looking at things to buy :)