Saturday, February 2, 2008

off post: makeup

i've always thought there was a shortage of blogs that helped asian women apply makeup well to enhance their features. growing up i had simple things my mom taught me and things that ive learned from friends over the years as well as experimenting on my own. happily though I stumbled onto this blog: and there've been some wonderful tutorials, especially my favorite -- how to do the smokey eye.

but like many asian women, i don't have a double lid....meaning my eyes look veery chinky. which can be a huge pain for putting makeup on. my mom, aunts, grandmother all want me to get the double lid operation (it's been the rave in asia since my mom was a teenager!!!). but for now im going to refrain going under the knife (or laser! haha).

im a big advocate of the less is more philosophy and that includes makeup! my daily routine includes facial cleanser, moisturizer, sun screen, concealer, blush, lip gloss, mascara and voila im done! for nights out i love to play with greys, pinks, and browns eye shadow. i think im getting pretty good too with my version of the smokey eye!!! hehe :)

but there is NOTHING more gorgeous than a perfect red lip! if I had to use only one piece of makeup in a rush it would be it, with a concealer as a close second. as nothing makes you look more awake and refreshed as even skin tone in your eyelids and under eye.

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