Wednesday, August 13, 2008

who says you can only wear heels for a night out?

Heels or not to heels, that is the question....

There are the advantages --- being taller (especially for us vertically challenged gals), elongating legs, long pants not dragging, possibly walking with better posture, and did I mention it makes our legs look good?

Disadvantages --- pain! Feet, ankles, shins, and calves are potential pain areas. It also takes practice to walk in heels and so potentially difficult to go long distances with. But as a comfortable alternative, there are many fantastic flats that can be worn on a night out on the town! It's all about the right shapes, fabrics, and embellishments.

If you are going to go with a closed toe shoe, stick to narrower shapes. Also stay away from flats that are too rounded. A pointy, square, or more oval rounded shoe will work with skirts, dresses, capris, minis, and pants.

Look for flats with patent, metallic, satin, and velvet fabrics. The idea is to give a little luxury to your feet! Going out at night calls usually calls for more glam in an outfit and that is also included in your choice of shoes.

Lastly flats with embellishment are a great option as well. Whether it be jeweled, ruffles, bows, or chains these add an extra glimmer to your feet that say hey, I don't wear this everyday! The trick is to not go overboard or else it can look tacky. In this case, less is more.


Kpoene' said...

Thanks for all of these ideas - I love flats but it's so hard to find good ones. I'll have to go hunting a little harder to find a great pair!

DC Celine said...

I wore my jeweled Stewart Weitzman (wedding) flat sandals out with jeans and a little blazer Saturday night. Perfect, to sometimes not do the obvious and go for heels.