Sunday, October 19, 2008

patent apparently is not strong enough

two weeks ago just before I left on a trip, I bought a wonderful new pair of steve madden patent flats that certainly was going to last me the sloshy wintery weather that was just around the corner. definitely much better track record than suede or satin! but unfortunately after my girls night out my poor shoe has an unsightly tear of patent material at the tip of the toe.


I just want a pair of flats that can be worn, rain or shine, through sleet and snow...

so today I am revisiting something I thought I stopped wearing at the age of 6. JELLIES. to quote McCain, "my friends..." i am going to give this a shot. the pair that I've fallen for the most is a simple black jelly ballet flat from Jcrew that seems to be out of stock (grrrr).

I also came across a company called Grendha that has one really cute one...but how is the comfort I wonder?

If anyone has any recommendations please send it my way! I need some new shoes!!!! >.<

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miss susanna said...

Jellies always give me blisters, so I don't wear them. But I know a lot of people wear Melissa jelly shoes.

Also, I wouldn't totally give up on patent. A high quality shoe made from good patent leather shouldn't rip.