Sunday, November 30, 2008

off post: black friday goodness

My thanksgiving weekend was filled with work, reading, shopping, eating, and no where near the amount of sleeping I had envisioned for this period. =P

L and I headed up to the outlets on Thursday night to be with the throngs of shoppers hoping to score some major deals. Let me tell you, it was NOT disappointing. In fact it was well worth the trek up there in the cold and wind with hoards of other people. I was surprised that there were that many shoppers out and about! There were long lines outside waiting to get into Puma, Coach, and J.Crew. The latter two I can understand, but Puma? Oh yea the tweens were out in full force waiting in line for Pac Sun to open.

But oh I scored some sweet deals...REALLY SWEET DEALS.

Firstly Kate Spade, that was already offering a large 40% off until 3 am. I found a bag that I've been lusting after since sophomore year of college and thanks to a small snag, I got another 10% off. Yes, my old school nylon messenger bag that normally costs $180 retail (btw if you check its on sale for $108 right now!!), on tag was for $85 and then I got FIFTY PERCENT OFF...ahhh how could I not buy that?!?!??! It was just too good of a deal to pass off! I bought another small item for a gift and voila my first awesome purchase of the night.

Saks was also having a terrific sale!!! I ended up getting a navy knit jersey dress by Even and 2 silk ruffle blouses in navy and white (i think i still had twilight in my mind...)

The craziest purchase I made was a gorgeous new black wool peacoat from Theory that normally retails at $715 and was on major sale for $250. I normally don't like to spend that much on anything, but L reminded me that it was all about quality pieces. So well, merry xmas to me. lol...

All in all, I got some super bargained x-mas gifts and some great quality pieces for the wadrobe. I'll definitely have to do this again!

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