Tuesday, November 25, 2008

more on twilight

So I saw the movie this weekend and what can I say...it was incredibly reminiscent of Episode II in awful acting. The unfortunate part is that most of the actors are really good actors! Robert Pattinson was good as Cedric Diggory in HP4, Kristen Stewart was good as Jodie Foster's daughter in Panic Room, and Nikki Reed was good in Thirteen!!!

Director Catherine Hardwicke did a great job directing Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown!

But there was way way way way too much overacting. It was hard to watch at moments.

Was it the screenplay? Did the screenwriter just not do a great job with translating the book into something that would work for film?

I have to give credit to all the Harry Potter movies because they did a pretty great job in making the movies satisfying.

All in all, Twilight the movie was what I expected it to be. It was by far not amazing, but I think it was still a treat to see these characters being played out.

So I finished New Moon last night and started reading Eclipse and so far I'm not really bothered by things I've read that other people are annoyed about. Maybe its because I was just itching to find out what happened next. So far I'm guiltly enjoying myself and stayed up way too late reading. :) Ahhh but despite predictability I have become invested in the characters.

Because of the $70+ million dollar success of Twilight's opening weekend, Summit Entertainment is option for New Moon to be made into a movie as well. Will I go see it? Probably...why? Cuz no matter how bad the acting and dialogue is, it's still fun to see the characters come to life.

And here's my couple of the moment going to prom, as seen in the movie!


I was all for the wadrobe they gave Edward, I think he was the best dressed out of all the characters in the movie. He was wearing a varied shades of blue and grey! One of my favorite color schemes and a particularly great alternative to black. There were some good jackets as well: nice grey short peacoat with the collar flipped up and the dark navy cotton jacket he wore during the hospital hallway scene. I like too that they had him wear button ups, knit shirts, and jeans.

They did do a bit color scheme matchy-matchy with the cullens. Tho I did like that, perhaps a TAAAAAD overdone tho :) But all the cullens were wearing varied shades of blue, grey, and white. It was a nice way to highlight the grayness of the Pacific Northwest.

Bella's clothes were good for her character, very very plain and ordinary. The dress above is probably the fanciest thing she wore, being it was for prom. Though I don't think that 17 year old girls should have necklines that plunge so much.

But what I did like about the rest of how the highschoolers were dressed were the way you'd expect them to be!

ok so I apologize that I didn't pay attention to the clothes as much as I thought I was going too, I was trying really hard not to laugh out loud too much =P

I promise my next post will take a more indepth look at the costumes of the Cullens and the other characters of the movie (aka, another reason for me to distract myself and look at pretty movie stills. hahaha!)

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