Thursday, December 25, 2008

off post: my uniform

I've been wearing what my mother calls, drab colors happily for a few years now. Of course the most prevalent color in my wardrobe is black. While I get that black can become boring for people, I really believe that what matters is the structure of the clothes and in the end, how you wear it.

I love black because 1) SLIMS YOU DOWN, 2) goes with ANYTHING, and 3) HARDER TO TELL WHEN IT GETS DIRTY!

You could say black is definitely my comfort color. Most days my work outfit comprises of at least 1 element in black. The past few months I've become more increasingly lusting after grey. It's become a great alternative to white.

pix below are some b/w/g inspirations that makes me want to rush right home and re-organize my closet. oh and I have to love Gywneth's picks, now I remember why I thought she dressed well back in the late 90's.

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